by Sam Sebren for free103point9/WGXC, New York Sam Sebren and Liz LoGiudice to bring you a glimpse into the transmission of Anguilla rostrata, aka the American eel. Sebren and LoGiudice trace the eel’s story from the Hudson River to the Caribbean, ...Read More

On this episode the Berlin podcast goes to Brandenburg. Maisie, Joel and Andrew visit a dilapidated former DDR summer camp and collect several stories and songs on location. The summer camp, Klingemühle in the Schlaubetal nature reserve, is being maintained ...Read More

Tonight Sergei takes over the mic whle Mike Hentz is out of town continuing their exploration of global beuty through music. 1. B.G. Band (Russia) 1990 2. NaDa BaBa (didjeridoo) 3. Irish Pipes LP 4. Koku Nishimura (shakuhachi, Japan) 5. Jef Gilson 1973 (France) 6. Szilard ...Read More

It is or it has only be possible on internet. Now we know it was a fake, an impression that in last two weeks gone with some smoke. Not that it is not possible - it is totally possible if ...Read More