New show on by Sergei Kleyn !

The periphery is a circumference far removed from the center. Mainstream culture is often centralized, selling „center“ as the „it“, the place to be. New York, London, Moscow… and now Berlin! It is about megapolises and capital cities, as opposed to provinces and towns. However, most talent either arrives to the center from the periphery – think Liverpool (the Fab Four) – or is bred independently altogether (Seattle’s grunge phenomenon).

Berlin, in this regard, is a peculiar beast: a current hip center, whose magnetism is largely invested by peripheral talent – a „Worldwide periphery“, as it were. All sort of fish populate this exotic aquarium, indiscernable.

The host Sergei Kleyn is a worldwide/peripheral character par excellence (born in Odessa, UA, raised in Denver, USA, residing in Berlin). In the eponymous show he examines and features the motliest phenomena from the periphery, focusing on his global outernational network. The music in the show will instinctively drift from any definable center to a periphery of rhizomatic stylistic amalgamations: a monster with blues lungs, rock fins and electronic eyes, naturally swinging its ass off.