Clouds N 38 42.53, W 9 8.96 27-12-12 Pedro Lagoa – laptop, 6DE André Avelãs – electronics For radia by Radio Zero Lisbon (rehearsal for the When I Look at the Clouds I See Clouds [nimbostratus] performance that took place at Galeria Boavista, ...Read More

Ball treten (discover football) Gegenüber treten (Muay Thai) und sportliche Rezensionen von Filmen Read More

yes and yes and true and old and new and world and local glocal kitsch and groove help me out no style in a pile of sounds mixed with emotional logic systems and printed in decibels bells ringing you got ...Read More

Don't we all have this feeling of being watched (sometime), followed by someone - or everyone. What would you prefer to be followed by National Security Agency or by Blixa Bargeld? You see ...Read More

Arlette-Louise Ndakoze im Interview mit Scout Niblett. Scout Niblett. Hazel eyes look right into mine, clear, attentive and sensitive, harmoning with the quiet and thoughtful voice coming through the singer‘s inner self. We meet ...Read More