medialoca2-185x185131Mo Loschelder presents 2 new artists on the roster: Audrey Chen + The Sight Below.
Then there are new releases to be announced of acts like HTRK, Mika Vainio, Electric Indigo and Gudrun Gut.
Plus, lots of info on the upcoming Perspectives Festival presented by female:pressure, taking place at ://about blank in Berlin from Sept 12 – 13, 2013
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1. HTRK – Ambient Mix (for The Thousands)
2. HTRK – So Go (Work (Work Work))
3. HTRK – Eat Your Heart (Work (Work Work))
4. HTRK – Bendin’ (Work (Work Work))
5. Twist Of Fate (Lydia Lunch & Philippe Petit) – Thirsty (TOF)
6. Audrey Chen & Philippe Petit – no title (not released yet)
7. Audrey Chen – TBC8 (Tobec)
8. Audrey Chen & Phil Minton – It’s (SubRosa)
9. The Sight Below – A Fractured Smile (Glider)
10. The Sight Below – Shimmer (It All Falls Apart)
11. Mika Vainio & Joachim Nordwall – Live At The Chrome Cathedral (Monstrance)
12. Electric Indigo – Aurore B Remix / orig. by Anna Otto (not released yet)
13. Gudrun Gut – Going Up The Country (monika enterprise)
14. Acid Maria – public display of affection mix