Görlitzer Park is the feature of this broadcast. One political party, the CDU, think the park has become dangerous and want to close it each night from 11pm to 5am. Another party, the Greens, want to open a Dutch-style marijuana ...Read More

Spectacle mines the deep web, like an amateur NSA, looking for cultural data and then giving it to whomsoever we please. This month we talk about the Edinburgh Fringe, Nate Silver, Atonal Festival, Jon Hopkins, Space Time Continuum T and ...Read More

Interviews from Mario Michel on his recent Ausland residency as well as a talk with Italian sound artist Alessandro Bosetti, discussing his upcoming Ausland performance, current projects, and his approach to negotiating performative sound through linguistics. Also on are selected ...Read More

Was ist ein Flüchtling?! Schüler von drei Schulen in Berlin und Potsdam besuchten Flüchtlingsunterkünfte. In einem spannenden Radioprojekt, entwickelt und durchgeführt von Netzwerk Migration in Europa e. V. (www.network-migration.org) und der Klubradio GmbH (www.reboot.fm), beschäftigten sich Schüler/innen der 10. Klasse aus ...Read More