Jet FM asked Luc Kerleo to invade her studios. Several sound-objects were placed in the offices, corridors, toilettes… Curiosly the broadcast studios were not used. Then some people were invited to visit this exhibition made of artificial noises bursting in ...Read More

Don't worry, that "Go Home Tourrorists" election poster was only a joke by one of Germany's many satirical parties - although it might have been a viable vote-winner if it were real. The ...Read More

JETLAG ARCHIPELAGO #30 :: Radio S’chach With DJ Seeks Same and Gewisse Delikassette (the So Far Channel) Sephardic-Ladino sonic remnants, collected and broadcasted in the ruins of a once-thriving synagogue in Vidin, Bulgaria. ...Read More

Pholas Dactylus explores the world of the mysterious, bioluminescent mollusk, otherwise known as the Common Piddock, within its habitat in Southern England. We talk with Chris Andrew from Lyme Regis museum about the Piddock's lifestyle and ...Read More