Rosarats Barrel   27.57″ by Dr klangendum  for Worm/Radia special guest; Xentos ‘Fray’ Bentos In 1929 Jaromir Vejvoda wrote the ‘Modranska Polka’, named after Modrany, s suburb of Prague where it was played the first time. Since then the song has ...Read More

Bei der Meret Oppenheim Ausstellung werden wir mit vielen Fragen konfrontiert, einigen Lösungen werden wir fast nahe kommen, andere bleiben im Dunkeln liegen, andere im Bett. Über Kunst und ihre Rezeption, über rätselhafte Dualismen und über die Schönheit ...Read More

listen to some coffee talk about age and following the live concert PARADISELOST in bratislava. did you win or lost your paradises? With ML Philipsen Read More

The right to the city is a cry and a need. The radio feature A City After Our Heart‘s Desire presents the urban resistance and "their" Berlin. The starting points of this radio feature are the famous suitcase, one has ...Read More

John Akomfrah: The Consistency of a Moment After Year Zero - Geographies of Collaboration Conference - The Bandung Moment John Akomfrah, a creative artist and cultural activist, has produced various documentaries, feature films and gallery installations, all of which ...Read More