Staubgold Radio: Music Out Of Place Mit Markus Detmer aka DJ Monsieur Croque. Monsieur Croque goes around the world: A DJ mix featuring Francois De Roubaix, Ananda Shankar, Perez Prado, Mongo Santamaria, Dick Hyman, Francis Bebey and many more. Wie bei seinem Label ...Read More

Wie war eigentlich das Verhältnis zu unseren Großeltern - fragen wir uns, wenn sie plötzlich nicht mehr da sind. Manchmal tauchen erst dann Fragen auf wie: Was hat mein Opa eigentlich im Krieg erlebt? Von wo ist meine Oma geflohen? ...Read More

Perera Elsewhere (FoF Music) ___ LIVE Record Release _____ 5. November Berghain Kantine + live visuals by Hugo Holger Schneider Robot Koch (Project Mooncircle) ____LIVE Sick Girls (Revolution N° 5) ____DJ Sarah Farina (Throuh My Speakers) ___ DJ Shepherd (Shepherd) ___ DJ Pre-Sale Tickets Forged from the ...Read More

Mobile Radio will be broadcasting 12 hours of live fermentation from a wine cellar in the Mosel valley. Every autumn thousands of wine cellars in the Mosel valley, Germany's premier wine growing region, turn into magnificent sound installations. Freshly pressed grape ...Read More

A story of resistence in contemporary Turkey For by Anastasia Green for Radio Orange, Vienna Istanbul, Sisli. At the end of january 2013 the boss of the Kazova textile factory in Istanbul told his Workers, that they should leave their ...Read More

It's referendum time in Berlin. The city is voting whether to de-privatize the electricity grid, although international residents cannot take part. Another referendum is looming next year, this one about the future of Tempelhof airport park, and ...Read More

Surfing the shallownet for cultural epithets and pre-memes, Ben and Adam return once more to Reboot FM with an electric hour of new music, digital observations and autumnal wit. Read More

raudio aasland presents the New York based turntablist, sound artist and curator Maria Chavez in a personal interview where she speaks about the value of accidents in her life and work, how to release a sound work ...Read More

The devil has got all the best tunes”, behauptet ein britisches Sprichwort. Tatsächlich inspirieren die finsteren Seiten der menschlichen Natur eine Fülle musikalischer Stile und Phänomene – ob in Hate-Rap, den Liedern der Mafia, in Mörderballaden oder Narco Corridos. BÖSE ...Read More

When Ennio Morricone soundtracks and other western spaghetti classics meet The Dead Texan ambient & other experimental sounds… This show is a disturbing journey across the wild West past. But it also deals with our western sound representation and explores ...Read More