On the first episode of Radio Spaetkauf for 2014, the Ordnungsamt has introduced a new fine for throwing sneakers over dangling wires or posts. It’ll cost you €30 if you’re caught. So don’t do it, or don’t get caught. Other new price hikes for the year include public swimming pools: it now costs €5.50 to take a dip in peak times, which has had its hours inverted.
We interview the Amt für Werbefreiheit und Gutes Leben, who want all outdoor advertising banned from the city. They’ve gathered a lot of support, but the elected politicians don’t want to hear their ideas.
Another citizen’s initiative not getting any political support is 100% Tempelhofer Feld, which looks likely to fail in its attempt to prevent development on the old airport site. The initiative has fallen short of the number of required signatures on its petition.
The BVG has revealed it employs 120 ticket checkers on the U-Bahn. We’re searching for a maths genius to use this number to figure out the likelihood of getting caught without a ticket at any given time.