hand_pinkMedia Loca #20 - HTRK
Mo Loschelder presents the new album of HTRK (Jonnine Standish and Nigel Yang) which has been released 01 April 2014.

Additionally she is playing some musically related tracks.
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1. Kotai + Mo “Music For Ranches” (Get Lost)
2. HTRK “Give It Up” (Psychic 9-5 Club)
3. Flying Lotus Feat. Gonja Sufi “Testament”
4. HTRK “Feels Like Love” (Psychic 9-5 Club)
5. Grace Jones “La Vie En Rose” (Portfolio)
6. HTRK “Soul Sleep” (Psychic 9-5 Club)
7. Natalie Beridze / TBA “This Isn’t Right, This Isn’t Even Wrong” (What About Things Like Bullets)
8. HTRK “Wet Dream” (Psychic 9-5 Club)
9. HTRK “Love is Distraction” (Psychic 9-5 Club)
10. HTRK “China Style” (Psychic 9-5 Club)