The fabulous Kagiso Mnisi wrote about his time in Berlin at After Year Zero and during the Space Between Us.

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Berlin is on the precipice of world culture domination. Overzealous sentiments would beg to rant. I being a skeptic of the public relations overkill such as the aforementioned wanted more meat to this tasty claim and there I was recently in the heart of HKW (House Of World Cultures) in Berlin, an architectural space ship of a thing with meticulously manicured lawns, postmodern yuppies talking installations and an eerie yet liberating seriousness which laid in the air. It is here that I got to meet the lady of supersonic talk in Diana MacCarty who is a prominent host on Reeboot fm, . Her line of work is to give commentary and interviews that appeases the artist, scholar and refined at heart.

The station’s campaign during my stay is concurrent with two conferences namely After Year Zero and The Space Between Us. The former aims to probe the politics and articulation of historical consciousness and the latter is concerned with music’s ability to bring individual cultures in one space for discourse. After Year Zero was braced by some the world’s reputed writers, filmmakers and curators which included The Otolith group ( Kodwo Eshun), James T. Hong and Fred Moten. Whereas TSBU had musicologists, writers and djs in its wake and some of those were Garnette Cardigan, Tanka Fonta and Kimba Mutanda Andersen. Reboot fm conducted most of the post conference interviews which one in recollection had the most interesting of guests in one space,

Post After Year Zero, TSBU ensued which was held uptown in Berlin at Picnic Records. The lore behind the intimate space for the conference is that it used to be a bunker/hideout for soldiers circa World War 2. Reboot fm came with microphones and every gadget possible to chronicle the musical dialogue which meandered cross Berlin to Kingston(Jamaica), then Douala (Cameroon) and even frantic Jozi. It is through engagement such as these that Reboot fm is able to curate content for its community; it in essence is a conduit to the worlds that descend on Berlin for sake of knowledge exchange.

On Brief word with McCarty she says, ” believe it or not most of our listeners are cab drivers.” Well cabbies around there are not your ordinary knob-kierrie wielding bunch, some of them count as lawyers, doctors and accountants from mostly Francophone Africa, India and Eastern Europe. These are folks who have a high intellectual aptitude but bear the unfortunate fate of not having a first world qualification. It therefore came as no surprise why they would be tuned to McCarty.

Reboot fm is classical of what stations can achieve if ever they had their fingers on the pulse of what exists outside their doors. What can be gathered is that a station’s staying may lie with association, whereby a pool of audience at a particular happening can spill over into the programming. Now Berlin being the next metropolis fervescent with worldly culture? Think this world still needs to be explored more before driving home a conclusion such as that one.

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