BE scape by VMW (vincent Matyn-Wallecan) for Radio Panik Wether you’re about to, already have or will be listening to this piece, BE scape is a collage of recordings made at various places in Belgium on different moments over the past four ...Read More

Radio Spätkauf #32 (2014-05-11) by Radio Spaetkauf is Berlin’s English-langauge news show. On this episode: Should you buy a stolen bike? Maisie enters the murky world of second-hand bicycles. Have you ever seen a swarm of cyclists riding on around Berlin on ...Read More

WITH DJ SEEKS SAME “I don’t feel right about this,’ Wyn-No-Nah whispered as they stood in line, waiting while Mad Madalaine drew the magic circle with the sword. “About what?” Aaron asked. “This,” she repeated. “The meeting. Something’s wrong.” Aaron studied the ...Read More

Wiederholung vom 6.4.2014 Performance compiles two recent substrate performances over the last few weeks; the first with Martin Kuentz as part of the salon bruit season at Ausland, Berlin; the second (excerpted) in New York ...Read More

Alles kann nichts muss” Verrückt In Berlin, Oder Nicht: Die Blaue Stunde Alles kann nichts muss - von Verwirrten für Verwirrte, oder nicht. Die Blaue Stunde - ein poetisches Umschlagen der Gedanken. Die Zeit der Dämmerung zwischen Sonnenuntergang und nächtlicher Dunkelheit, sowie das Grauen vor dem Erwachen des ...Read More