www-maydanNo Ukrainian music this time, as Maydan is proliferating and becoming, indeed, worldwide.

Sad date tonight, the eve of the 70th anniversary of the deportation of indigenous people of Krym, the Kyrymly, from their native land into Stalins Gulags all over the depressive terrains of Siberia and Asiatic part of the exUSSR…

And on this dark date, the Krym Tartars are once again finding themselves strangers in their forefathers’ land…

The music we will hear tonight is freely improvised.

The mood, quite elegic. Freedom of the music’s dare to fly, as a gesture of solidarity with the small but proud and freeloving folk of Krym, the proverbial David standing up to the mighty Goliath.

Babylon shall fall, and the People will be free…

In the face of darkness, a little ray of light, the fragility and power of improvised music from friends of Worldwide Maydan.


1. Slawomir Golaszewski - Asunta Landscape 5

2. BassX3 - Transatlantic

3. Red Dahl Sextet - Turquoise Dahl

4. Hobby Horse - Visitor

5 . Lysn - Thor’s Feathers (excerpt)

6. Simon Rose - Wolf Street

7. BassX3 - The No Piece

8. Gianni Lenoci plays John Cage - One

9. Paul Hubweber - The Lover Man

10. Hobby Horse - Battle

11. Simon Rose - Like Tears in the Rain

12. Lysn - Ecstatic Landing (excerpt)

13. Slawomir Golaszewski - Asunta Landscape 7