1932294_742670612418862_707096804_nTune into a one hour special edition. As in #25 we invite you listening with us the fabiulous sounds of Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt. It appears like a thick impenetrable jungle, but perhaps as a second nature. Sean Derrick Cooper-Marquardt, is a composer of experimental sunburnt stories, the developer of the accidental guitar method , producer, founder, and curator of Friends of Sagittarius Records,he also makes” miniatur film clips” to the release of his compositions.

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt’s
“Accidental Guitar”

Experiment and concept are not mutually exclusive, and this is made evident by Berlin-based musician and composer Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt’s concept of “Accidental Guitar”. However, the outwardly emotional-spontaneous, intuitive and occasionally wild and furious qualities that are characteristic of his performances and recordings are certainly not generated “by accident” – in other words, they do not arise by chance or as a result of a spontaneous mood. “Accidental Guitar” is a holistic and grounded concept that includes three main aspects. The first of these is the creation of sounds and sound worlds by combining the guitar with distortion effects – a type of “routing” or “mapping” technique where the musician does not lose himself, however, but instead works in a deliberate manner with the tools available to him. The second dimension of “Accidental Guitar” is improvisation – an approach that Cooper Marquardt has chosen, systematically rejecting predetermined choreographies and all forms of rehearsal or planning. This applies not only to live performances, but also when making recordings in his studio. Finally, the third dimension to this concept is the specific situation that the musician encounters when playing: the atmosphere and setting, the persons, conditions and moods present in the space in question lead to a contextualisation of his music.

The carefully considered and, at the same time, situation-specific concept behind “Accidental Guitar” allows Cooper Marquardt to maintain conscious control of his work despite its experimental nature. This awareness becomes a formative element of his music, which arises from “accidents” that the musician reacts to. Ultimately, this chain of reactions results in a certain logic, which nonetheless does not restrict the spontaneous, free momentum of his work.

Birgit Anna Schumacher, author and curator

(Based on a conversation with Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt in February 2011)

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt Album Release “Gesang der Geister”

December 2010 to present

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, born in Chicago (USA), now living in Berlin, is a performance artist, musician, free improvisator and composer of experimental music. The compositions from Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt are performed and recorded live using the accidental guitar method. Deep, ritual and intensive. Burning electronic sighs of unexpected discoveries in the mind of a drifter with war burnt flesh, finding possibilities of vanished forgiveness, eyes cast upon a abandon ghostly industrial landscape made of deeply textured glass like linear tonalities and sublte complicated metalic gray singsong spaces, coming under the everyday ice world. Contemporary chamber music for the 21th century from the developer of the accidental guitar method. Produced by Lind Bohm * http://www.vimeo.com/16657554 * http://www.avachorda.de/seandcm-press/ * http://www.avachorda.de/01ava_sean-derri… * http://www.myspace.com/seandcmarquardt * http://www.avachorda.de/ *

* Anna Bromley // Studio: Veteranenstr. 21, 10119 Berlin // +49 (30) 260 34 996 // annabromley.com *