Variance V is a stereophonic retranscription of the 8 speakers broadcasted sound installation Variance IV (described below). By David Merlo. for Radio Campus, Brussels for The physical and multicasted space of Variance IV’s sound resonance becomes compacted in an abstract ...Read More

Radio Spaetkauf is Berlin’s English-language news podcast. On this episode: After Berliners overwhelming rejected the city senate’s plan for luxury flats on Tempelhofer Feld, politicians have already begun talking up another controversial top-down master plan - to bid to host the ...Read More

Over the last year your host has developed a new electronic instrument, The Dark Interpreter named after de Thomas de Quincey's notion of a dark shadow or double leading the subject into new, revealing territory. The Dark Interpreter casts skin, ...Read More

Scar As Forest Scars are areas of fibrous tissue (fibrosis) that replace normal skin after injury. A scar results from the biological process of wound repair in the skin and other tissues of the body. Thus, scarring is a natural part of ...Read More

1. Dawning of the New (Calimba) and intro by Sergei Kleyn 2. Nina Matviyenko “Oy, rodu nash krasnyi…” 3. ...Read More

“Alles kann nichts muss” Verrückt In Berlin, Oder Nicht: Die Blaue Stunde Alles kann nichts muss - von Verwirrten für Verwirrte, oder nicht. Die Blaue Stunde - ein poetisches Umschlagen der Gedanken. Die Zeit der Dämmerung zwischen Sonnenuntergang und nächtlicher Dunkelheit, sowie das Grauen vor dem Erwachen ...Read More

AFTER TOMORROW! FINISSAGE du congrès de l’articulation Sonntag, 22. Juni / 5-10pm STRASSCAST GALA. Acoustics. Cocktails & Commentators. Radio Picnic (ATTENTION! stream change to LapTopRadio) live in concerts! H.U.M. Massicot der Warst Asi Föcker (Voice & E-Guitar) & Steve Heather (Drums & Voice) kalan sherrard and more Read More