juttaleslieraudio aasland with Jutta Ravenna

live aus dem Studio: Gespräch mit und Klänge von Jutta Ravenna, die im August 10 Tage lang mit Leslielautsprechern im Raum des auslands experimentiert hat:
“The complexity of different points of sound observation in a space” - A sound installation in ausland

Jutta Ravenna used the residency at ausland to experiment with positioning Leslie speakers in space related to the movements of her own body in space. She will confront the pure sound of the rotating resonance bodies of the leslie speakers and human body with his rotations around the own axis, head-movements, decline the upper part of the body to the left or right side, step backward and forward ar different velocties while listening to the space. Rotation is a serial work. It deals with perception of sound, body in space, particularly wall, floor, ceiling, corner and edge. Four additional variations come up: the rotating leslies with sound, rotating without sound, halting with sound and halting without sound. Controlling rotation velocity adds yet more sonic variabilty. So the application of rotating loudspeakers effectively generates a very complex soundscape for the moving listener.

The Leslie speaker is named after its inventor, Donald Leslie (1911-2004). Originally developed as sound effect add-on for the Hammond organ it was widely used in 1960’s pop music productions.