80-1384935193-sLaptopsRus in collaboration with reboot.fm presents the 4th edition of CrisisRus with workshops and performance at Alpha nova-kulturwerkstatt & Galerie futura in Berlin on October 25, 2014, 20:00.

LaptopsRus is a self-organized open-participatory platform engaged in networking woman live performers. Prompted by the prolonging economic crisis as manifested in global Cacerolazo (dubbed global noise) where protesters bang on pots and pans while marching, we launched CrisisRus “NETWORK | RE:WORK” bringing together woman performers, homemakers, nomads, artists, activists to manifest woman work force and resilient capacity in these time of personal, political and economical crisis.


Alpha nova-kulturwerkstatt & Galerie futura
Am Flutgraben 3 , 12435 Berlin
14:00-18:00, multi-station workshops
14: 00-15: 30, informal round table “crisis”“
20:00-21:00, live performance with radio broadcast
October 25, 2014
Alpha nova-kulturwerkstatt & galerie promotes the interaction of artistic, theoretical and political practices with an explicit gender-critical perspective. As part of CrisisRus’ workshop sessions and performance, we hold an informal round-table discussion (to be recorded) on relating the experiences and the coping with crises. Teaming up with Berlin-based free art radio, reboot.fm, crisisRus holds workshops on making DIY electronics and miniFM transmitters. Bring your defunct pots and pans, your soldering irons, your boomboxes, we provide parts and wires for electronic modification. Through mutual learning and teaching, we turn pots and pans into electro-noisemaking apparatus. The miniFM radio workshop demonstrates the possibilities of signaling crisis by short-range radio transmission. These workshops are free of charge. You get to take home your own DIY/DIWO devices.