medialoca1Detroit based Gary Martin has released records since 1993, using aliases such as Gigi Galaxy and Mole People. As a long time fan of his deep and vibrant productions, Mo Loschelder is having him over at Media Loca today.

Teknotika ­ I Love Music ­ Mix Records
Gary Martin ­ Take Me (Organic Ghetto Mix) ­ Go Girl
Gary Martin ­ Tiger Trance ­ Teknotika
Gigi Galaxy ­ Spores From Outer Space ­ Teknotika
Gary Martin ­ Pimpin People In Higher Places (Gigi Galaxy Mix) ­ Teknotika
Mole People ­ Luv Luv Lick Lick ­ Mole People
Gary Martin ­ Casa Cugat ­ KMS/Exceptional
Gary Martin ­ We get Down (Rogue Rider Album, rel. May 2015) – Motech

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To be checked out: GusGus ­ Barry (Gigi Galaxy Mix)­Gus­Barry/release/78988