ghostpingCarrier/Container/Detektor aims to break open the closed ecological circuit of material broadcast media by focusing attention on the means of reception and environmental conditions that affect both analogue
and digital transmission, rather than on any extracted content within the broadcast message itself. Howse presents a series of test or measurement signals broadcast at predicted times of higher geophysical
interference which could reasonably affect the reception of such signals. This allows for a listening in, a decoding and a potential measurement of interference quanta such as solar flares, sunspots, magnetic storms, auroral activity, and meteorological change.

Riding a ghost carrier, and thus acknowledging links with EVP phenomena within this dark ecological listening action, Carrier/Container/Detektor intentionally and arbitrarily bridges the so-called digital/analogue divide, inserting manipulated reception data of unknown origins within the stock expressive toolkit of chirps, beacons, additive white gaussian noise (AWGN), and echo/pings. Carrier, Container, Detektor was first broadcast as Radius episode 56: