ctm_540x300_untuneHow do sounds and frequencies affect us?


Through its Un Tune theme, CTM 2015 aims to engage with the direct bodily effects of frequencies, sound, and music as well as with their synergistic effects with other sensory stimuli. The festival will thus highlight, more than ever, the adventurous, exploratory side of music and art. Artistic experimentation with the affective and somatic effects of sounds and frequencies opens up possibilities of tuning and de-tuning the composite that interconnects body, matter, energy and (musical) machines – and of exploring our perception.

‘Un Tune’ also serves as an overarching metaphor that refers to the potentials that might be unlocked by temporarily destabilizing our habitual and consensual states.

The 10-day CTM 2015 festival thus shifts the focus from questions of music’s symbolic and cultural significance to questions of the use and functionality of sound and music as affective forces. Somewhere in between physics and cultural semantics, the theme moves from asking “what does music attempt to portray?” to “what effects do sound and frequencies have upon us?”. Here’s an overview of the 16th edition programme, to help you find your bearings during the journey: