artworks-000107388879-9hsteq-t500x500Night Sounds showcases a series of edited, long night deep field recordings from various Europe-wide sites including during the infamous Suffolk psychogeophysics summit. Further recordings are sourced from Obergrombach, Verdun and Oberdiessbach. All recording and this image (Aldeburgh rocketing) were conducted by fellow psychogeographer Peter Kazil:

Recording night sounds while you’re asleep is a very satisfying experience. A small machine is working while you sleep. Electronics are
awake while you dream.

During the night the small recording machine enters a foreign land. Like a deep-sea submersible it swims in the current of time. Like a weather
station it stays alert and unmoved in the wind of time.

In the morning the machine surfaces and brings messages from an unknown parallel universe, the night-world of waking dreams. While we sleep the small machine dreams reality for us. We’re pleasantly surprised and thankful. [Petr Kazil]