Hours after Hours by Samuel Longmore, for radia.fm from Radio One 91FM. dunedin, new zealand This composition was recorded at night in six different rooms and liminal spaces within a certain building in central Auckland, New Zealand. The history, location and ...Read More

​mit lauten und leisen Stimmen zum und viel Baustellenlärm vom Wiederaufbau des Berliner Stadtschlosses. Heute: Fassadenpositionen mit Carlo Wloch, Steinmetz und Marion Pfaus, Künstlerin und Filmemacherin. Beide stehen in leidenschaftlichem Verhältnis zum Schloss und vor allem zu seiner Fassade: Der eine ...Read More

still we’re sitting behind the bars as an huge explosion of a black whole is …not at all - we are just thinking about the fragrant odour of the wine, how much more dainty, pleasant, laughing, celestial and delicious ...Read More

With DJ Seeks Same So the reporters follow you into that place without roads and they say: “Give us the story, Doctor. Give us the dope.” Overhead a turkey vulture spirals slowly out of sight in an updraft of air. You ...Read More

On the occasion of International Women’s Day we would like to help the world and reboot.fm to enter a space of intersectional feminism, female empowerment, fresh new voices, age old issues and a refreshing take on current events while navigating ...Read More