La Coquille is a funny workshop organized by L’Atelier de Création Sonore et Radiophonique, located just below Radio Panik studios, in Brussels. A place to discover, experiment and play with sounds. In this selection, the students promise you the moon! Special thanks ...Read More

where did the time traveller vanish? HOERMASCHINE 42 is HOERMASCHINE 7. this means: letters, sounds and dialogs about the desperate entanglement of the time machine. texts by h.g. wells & egon friedell, sounds by nature, machines, c.p. mcdill & mlphilippsen ...Read More

With DJ SEEKS SAME “At first he said he was quite alone. There was no one at the beach. It was the afternoon, with a few clouds in the sky. He was dressed in some sort of clothing but wasn’t ...Read More

Focus: Interviews from Women* in/from Sao Paolo, Brazil about feminism, activism, IWD; Police Brutality On 8th March 2015 we had the opportunity to exchange views and insights on IWD in the studio. We would now like to take the topic a ...Read More