yrmom-185x18511Your Mom’s on the Radio is happy to welcome Female:Pressure reps Leah King on the mic and Kritzkom on the decks. Together they prepared a showcase of some of Female:Pressure’s members. Leah King is an American producer, dancer and live singer, Kritzkom is a French producer and DJ, some of the tracks in the mix are techno, some bassy, atmospheric or more experimental… this goes to show the diversity of artists in the pan-European collective that gives visibility to women in music.
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Sonae - Marry
Leah King - There Comes A Time
Madeleine Bloom - Afterglow
Clara Moto - Glove Affair
Kritzkom - Seconde (Aschka remix)
Myako - Momentform
Dj Mini - Save Me
Cio D’Or - Perspective II
Kritzkom - Seconde
HitHerTo - #5
HitHerTo - #3
Electric Indigo - Zero
Anna Otto - Flight to TLV