khan2015sCan “Khan” Oral, born of Turkish-Finnish parents in Frankfurt/M works and lives as a music- and film-music producer, performer, actor and visual artist in Berlin since 2002.

Living in New York from 1992-2002 he owned the electronic record shop Temple Records SOHO/NYC, hosted downtown art events, ran three record labels and produced and performed with a variety of projects and artists such as: Captain Comatose, Diamanda Galas, Julee Cruise (Twin Peaks/David Lynch), Kid Congo Powers (The Cramps/Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) or Brigitte Fontaine with whom he won the French Qwartz Award 2010 for best song.

His Discography counts more than 300 physical releases. Khan appeared in various TV shows, feature films and theater productions as an actor and/or musician.
Performances, Audio & Video Installations across the Globe.

In 2013 Can “Khan” Oral’s photo-book “Angels Of Disguise” was published by Fantome Verlag/Berlin accompanied by CD and DVD in box-set which was presented first at Export/Import Documenta13 in Kassel, Germany.

1. Telstore Answering Machine Message - Joe Meek’s Secretary

2. Break the Ice at Parties - Tesco Bombers

4. Good Fela - Boot & Tax

5. Gecekondo Rev 1 (Khan Mix) - Baba Zula

6. Bir Araya Gelemeyiz - Orhan Gencebay

7. The Nest Rmx - The Nest (Khan Remix)

8. Alles hat ein Ende nur die Wurst hat 2 - Khan & Mahmoud

9. Closed - Phew

10. Let’s get sick - Mu

11. Fine Mouche - Khan & Brigitte Fontaine

12. Heavy Weather feat. Khan - Tiefschwarz

13. Free Falling feat. Khan - Tiefschwarz

14. Bomber (live) - Motörhead