substrateThe 36th edition of substrat features an extended series of recordings selected as influences and common groundings - in response to Jeff Kolar’s request for such a play list broadcast yesterday as a Sketchpad on WGXC.


Artist: Leif Elggren
Track: MUMPS

Artist: Valentina Vuksic
Track: Symphonie Of Statics Calculation Tools On HP Pavillion

Artist: A Companion of Owls
Track: serial transmission gabba

Artist: Rubén Patiño
Track: International Test Tones

Artist: Leif Elggren
Track: Polyglot Voices Commentary

Artist: Dennis Klatt
Track: Review of text-to-speech conversion for English

Artist: Leif Elggren
Track: Johannes Hagel & Margot Tschapke: New Techniques And Interpretations: A Preliminary Report On A Scientific Investigation Of EVP

Artist: Will Schrimshaw
Track: T5 extraction

Track: logfordata extracted

Artist: Valentina Vuksic
Track: NortonAndStresslinuxAndPuppylinuxOnCompaqArmada1580dt