jetlag5Tsunemasa (speaking off the stage)

“The wind blowing through the withered trees: rain from a cloudless sky.
The moon shining on level sands: frost on a summer’s night”
Frost lying…. But I because I could not lie at rest,
Am come back to the World for a while,
Like a shadow that steals over the grass.
I am like the dews in the morning
Still cling to the grasses. Oh pitiful the longing
That has beset me!”

How strange! Withing the flame of our candle that is burning low because the night is far spent, suddenly I seemed to see a man’s shadow dimly appearing. Who can be here?

Tsunemasa (his shadow disappearing).
I am the ghost of Tsunemasa.

Featuring mutilations of*:
Azul y Negro
Soundtrack from the Bulgarian film “Adaptasia”
Zeitkratzer und Terre Thaemlitz
Edgardo Canton
Rusalka Records: Women’s Chorus
Steve Reich and John Adams
Ursula Bogner
Raidas 香港
Renaldo & the Loaf
“Der Ölprinz“

*No media was harmed in the creation of this radio show