weekendweekendweekendInterpretations of  Weekend for radia.fm by Yngvild K. Rolland for Radio Nova, Oslo.

The two audio pieces by Yngvild Rolland presented in this weeks Radia show are based on material from Jean-Luc Godard’s film Weekend (1967).

The first excerpt, titled The Study of a Killing, is a sampled and modified score using sound directly from the film. The second excerpt is from Untitled. Deconstructed Languages. The piece is the result of a continuous change of language, where film dialogue has been translated to text, this text has then been translated to three languages and published as the book weekendWEEKENDWeek-End (2014). Then the published texts have been translated to sound using a Typatune. Another modified version of the sound is combined with an altered scene from the film Weekend in the video Death, Disaster and Expensive Handbags (2010).

Yngvild K. Rolland is a Norwegian artist exploring various media, languages and their connections. She is educated in London and Oslo.