#‎Worldwide‬ ‪#‎MaYdan‬ - the soundtrack to riot and reason: developing a severe case of #Maydanamanya!

In the program №16 we wire our dub support vibe to ‪#‎ElectricYerevan‬ / people of ‪#‎Greece‬ in theface of a tough crossroads, and as usual to ‪#‎UkrainaMama and the soldiers and volunteers in the East. Last but not least, 4th of July just behind us, we think of Independence in general: independence from orchestrated poverty and police brutality world over, in particular. Special muse vibration: Anna Kazanova (Odessa/Prague) and Irina Zabrodina Jorgensen Heldig (Omsk/Copenhagen/Prague), guesting live in the Reboot FM studios, HdKdW/Tiergarten.