REM(A)INDERS (a|r) by DIANA WESSER & VERENA KUNI For from Kanal X, Frankfurt What remains? GHOSTS Traces in the dust of time. That do not vanish. Setting against obliteration. Resistant against oblivion. GHOSTS What is keeping them? What do they keep? GHOSTS REM(A)INDERS is a series of media(ted) reflection on situations ...Read More

In der sechzehnten Folge von ENDZEIT FREQUENZ präsentieren euch Volkan T error und Toby Dope endlich die zweite Folge von Mission Adi. Diesmal im Interview mit Alon Kraus & Matthias Hageböck zu dem Thema "Mein Kampf Band 1 & 2" ...Read More

In the slow swarm of light they remain silent, luminous. Eyes in the place of eyes, Ears in the place of ears, tongues tasting chemical gradients across the fungal network of thread-like cells. A truly underground communications ...Read More

Some things are important, some things are urgent, some other are essential, yet other are seriously unmissable, one thing though of course is necessary, it is to know at any time how far you are from the sea, so even if you wake ...Read More

#‎Worldwide‬ ‪#‎MaYdan‬ - the soundtrack to riot and reason: developing a severe case of #Maydanamanya! In the program №16 we wire our dub support vibe to ‪#‎ElectricYerevan‬ / people of ‪#‎Greece‬ in theface of a tough crossroads, and as ...Read More

“Alles kann nichts muss” Verrückt In Berlin, Oder Nicht: Die Blaue Stunde Alles kann nichts muss - von Verwirrten für Verwirrte, oder nicht. Die Blaue Stunde - ein poetisches Umschlagen der Gedanken. Die Zeit der Dämmerung zwischen Sonnenuntergang und nächtlicher Dunkelheit, sowie das Grauen vor dem Erwachen ...Read More

I’ve always loved Acid. Not only due to the squelchy palette of the misused TB303 being, for reasons i can not articulate (related to liking the smell of petroleum??), so endlessly delicious, sexy, and addictive, but also ...Read More

Mo Loschelder proudly presents a new addition to the roster: Lucrecia Dalt, the Columbian artist who now resides in Berlin. In recent years, Dalt has collaborated with Berlin’s F.S. Blumm, Barbara Morgenstern, Gudrun Gut, L.A.-based musician Julia Holter and most recently ...Read More

Fantôme by Henri Landré for radia from, Nantes. Ghost sound track : realized for the exhibit “Ghosts’ Strips” presented at “La Ferme Du Buisson” (Noisiel, France) in April, 2015. The exhibit initiated by Gwen de Bonneval and the scenographer Philippe Dupuy, ...Read More

A report from Brandenburg! Nassenheide is a small village located 40 km north of central Berlin. A sometimes busy traffic junction determines the local soundscape: The main railway line from Berlin to the ports on the Baltic Sea cuts across ...Read More