Your Mom’s On The Radio #10 Peter Kirn (2015-10-03) by Reboot.Fm on  Mixcloud

For this special edition of Your Mom’s on the Radio, ​host and music blogger, Gabi Otero, is joined by Berlin musician and technologist​,​ Peter Kirn​, ​who’s​ ​ curated a mix representing the audio lineup of ​Turn Around Bright Eyes​, a new generation art show ​hosted by Your Mom’s Agency taking place on October 15th at Berghain, including live music, digital art, ​​video and​ ​audio installations, and ending with an unusual aftershow​ event​.​ Along with a couple of Peter’s own pieces, on this mix you’ll hear​ tech-house tunes by Romain Frequency & Kritzkom​, ​the musings of alternative pop star Actually Huizenga, ​unreleased tracks by Hyenaz, demented folk electronica from​ Koudlam​, a cut from ​Peaches’s new album, experimental music from VLQR​, and finally ​industrial sounds from Neunau​. ​
​These musicians will be joined by many other artists to complete the lineup of this digital art meets live music spectacle.
For more info, head to the Turn Around Bright Eyes page, and make sure to mark your calendars!
Kritzkom & Romain Frequency – Turn Around
Actually Huizenga – Predator Romantic
Kritzkom – Introst
Peter Kirn – Live in Amsterdam
Hyenaz – Sister
Peter Kirn – Hyperloop
Koudlam – Brother
Peaches – Dick in the Air
Romain Frequency – Fetish
VLQR – Which House
VLQR – Absence
Koudlam – Stoned
Hyenaz – ​We Are Water Flowing To What End
Neunau – Mapas