Show 549: Une ville sans cloches est comme un aveugle sans baston, un asne sans cropiere, et une vache sans cymbales Alice Just / Flavien Gillié / Liv / Sylvain van iniitu – Une ville sans cloches est comme un ...Read More

ENDZEIT FREQUENZ #19 Henry Atts und die Textumkleidekabin (2015-10-11) by Reboot.Fm on Mixcloud In der neunzehnten Folge von ENDZEIT FREQUENZ stellen Volkan T error und Toby Dope einen Part aus dem Projekt die Textumkleidekabine vor und führen ein kleines Interview ...Read More

An audiowalk & livestream made with a raspberry pi, 3g stick, sony pcm10 and a chinese fm a rucksack on a bike during the Anti-TTIP-demonstration 10th of october 2015 in Berlin. Read More

Thermos thermite presents a virtually unedited series of recordings from a recent two day Earth Coding workshop organised by Hebden Bridge's hacker space Bridge Rectifier. The recordings are made at the transition between moorland and woodland, between neolithic and mesolithic, between thermos and thermite. Read More

Musical Drama #50 Marta Zapparoli – highly evocative (2015-10-11) by Reboot.Fm on Mixcloud Marta Zapparoli – highly evocative Marta Zapparoli is an Italian-born experimental sound artist, improviser, performer and musician based in Berlin. Her work mainly consists of ...Read More