Sounds of Between Where are these sounds? Between the words. It is the chinks which we throw. They sometimes hide behind. The harmful garbage of our broadcasting. Microphone swallows sounds, all of them, the parasites, and in spite of our closed gates, it receives undesirables. All between ...Read More

In der zweiundzwanzigsten Folge von ENDZEIT FREQUENZ lässt Toby Dope die Action Film Musik der 80er Jahre sprechen. Es werden Songs aus den Filmen Year of the Dragon, Terminator, Delta Force, Rambo, Commando und Lethal Weapon gespielt. In diesem Sinne: ...Read More

“The western reasoning from which all our formal geometrical knowledge springs began with a few simple statements called postulates."The odd thing about these postulates is that they are assumed to be true. In other words the foundations of feometry that ...Read More

The 40th edition of substrat radio entitled ENERGIES featuring recordings from Joyce Hinterding and David Haines. Having long been held under the spell and influence of Hinterdings electromagnetic and material works, we travelled to Sydney this year to take part in the Energie ...Read More

Federica alias DuChamp Host: M. Freerix Read More