cmhhyz7ukaawb-mThe 40th edition of substrat radio entitled ENERGIES featuring recordings from Joyce
Hinterding and David Haines. Having long been held under the spell and
influence of Hinterdings electromagnetic and material works, we
travelled to Sydney this year to take part in the Energie in the Arts
conference at the UNSW. We met Joyce and David at their unique,
self-built house in the Blue mountains and journeyed into the closer
wilderness - examining the exotic, metallic pagoda structures
encircling the rock peaks and discussing Joyce’s noted and recorded
comparisons of these tubed, weathered structures to potential
electromagnetic antennae. We will hear the concrete outcomes of this

The playlist for this outing thus reflects on that influence and the power
of their work, exhibited at that time at the MCA Sydney. We begin with
Hinterding’s Encounter with the Halo Field from three years ago,
followed by Spherics and Fields 2010 from their SUn Valley Radio. The
main part of this edition transmits the REC-Energies vinyl
accompanying the MCA show. I read now from the track listing and