guestshow at ‘DICKBUTT: El mame fractálio‘ the saturday afternoon show
on NO.FM, Mexico DF

Despite the fact that Indio is the local beer here, you are in Mexico
City, not Bombay and not in Twin Pines Mall either. But that is not
the only surprise we make you find out.
Back here in the future, you’re dipped in a variety worm and black
holes, land in the past, are blinded by colours and once you open your
eyes again, it is the same face grinning at you everywhere: a blurred
woman with only 1 eyebrowe bedded in flowers. Feel yourself lucky that
the future technique didn’t yet develop a way to transmit the
repulgant smell back – to leave you undisturbed whilst trying
desparately to swallow our haptic descriptions of the slimiest and
most living drinks of all – ever: Pulque.
And there is more things to apprend. How to circumnavigate the
Bermuda-triangles of the confusing traffic and arrive somewhere in
time, is explained by one of Mexico City’s most infamous quantum
physicist Dr. Vidal and his compagnon Sebastian, himself a Captainon
Sent on this journey as conquestadoras, we seem to break more than we
fix, but here are the pieces of music, corn and pottery we preserve
for you. Acoustic. A huevo!

Border Blaster:
Is surreal Mexico City really the new Berlin? More than half of the
WestGermany performance’space crew sent itself on a mission to De-eFe
to reconnect unreal seeming Berlin with the rest of the world. Here we
The title BorderBlaster refers to the US American term used for
pirate-funk activities in Mexico since the beginning of radio history
in the 1920ies. Overstretching frequency range and distance allowance
they’ve been crossing the borders of the legal. Still today the
pirates are said to be everywhere over the country, narco-traficos
f.ex. overhear the police funk and students organise alternatively and
politically via radio. For 3 months over the ocean Grinni – infamous
pin-ship inventor and cosmonautica, motor of eine welt aus hack – and
me research on the unwritten pirate-radio-history and work out
spontaneous shows with and about the DIY art-space and music