The curiosity overcomes you. An audio exploration into learning the ancient skill of flint knapping. Led by our ears & intuition we listen into the echoes of a shared material past. “What we’ve learn’t and what we’ve found, ...Read More

mit : Shirin Blandine Marietta Eva und die Kinoecke Read More

Following up on the idea of 'altered.states' – a geopolitics spectralized as much by sensory overload/dispossession, as by the re-location of power in the post-democratic/-digital era – ''GEZILLA DESTROYS ISISTANBUL” will re-render what is – or: was – referred to ...Read More

Rock/Pop am Montag - Rausschmeisser Spezial Vol. 2 Scott Walker - angels of ashes Mantler - lately I'm sad Red house painters - shadows Trembling blue stars - from a pale blue rosary Felt - She lives by the castle The Clientele - K Judee Sill ...Read More

"Everybody was going on about karma … But it occurred to me that karma is instant as well as it influences your past life or your future life … So the idea of instant karma was like the idea of ...Read More

Wohnungsfrage, so heißt die gleichnamige Ausstellung im Haus der Kulturen der Welt, die noch bis zum 14.12. diesen Jahres besucht werden kann. Wir haben die Ausstellung für Euch besucht und wünschen Euch viel Spass beim Zuhören! Die Produzenten der Sendung ...Read More