A start of something new. Or not new. But a new year for something else. Read More

At The Edge of the Emptiness of All Things for radia by Michael Fischer & Dieter Sperl for Radio Helsinki, Graz. For several years now, the saxophonist and instant composer Michael Fischer, founder and director of the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra, and ...Read More

still we’re sitting behind the bars as an huge explosion of a black whole is …not at all - we are just thinking about the fragrant odour of the wine, how much more dainty, pleasant, laughing, ...Read More

Dear friends! We are happy to introduce you to our first broadcast of #Wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio(We! R). This is a radio programm organized by Refugees & Friends: The current situation of refugees in Germany and Europe requires us to rethink political strategies. The current ...Read More