The 17th edition of CTM-festival for adventurous music and art comes closer. Zuri Maria Daiß and Oliver Baurhenn from the CTM 2016 team will give you a nice Saturday night inside to the festival programme. New Geographies is the title and topic for 2016 from January 29 to February 7.

Music is now more than ever integrated into the global circulation of ideas, knowledge, people and commodities. Musicians everywhere have increasing access to digital resources that revolutionize music making and distribution. Internet and telecommunications intensify exchanges across existing cultural boundaries. At the same time, extreme regional disparities continue to exist in regards to the participation of minority communities, to political freedom, possibilities for mobility and travel, or when it comes to access to entry points into the dominant music markets.


Playlist CTM # 38

1. Ah! Kosmos - And Finally We’re Glacier (Bastards, Denovali Records, 2015)
2. Aisha Devi - Mazdâ (Of Matter and Spirit, Houndstooth, 2015)
3. Lena Willikens - Howlin Lupus (Phantom Delia EP, Cómeme, 2015)
4. Charlotte Bendiks – Pasco (not released yet)
5. Abdel Karim Shaar - Live-Konzertmitschnitt
6. Iancu Dumitresco - Hazard and Tectonic (Editions Mego, 2013)
7. Love Cult - This Good (Wonderland EP, Love Cult, 2015)
8. buttechno - experimentation (self release, 1984, 2015)

9. EASTER - True Cup (2015)
10. Le1f - Wut (Hey EP, Terrible Records 2014)
11. Hear - Polite Gentlemen by DREAM SCORING: HEAR & HAKIM MURPHY (release date somewhere in 2016)
12. Deena Abdelwahed - El Bortou9ala
13. Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto - The Girl From Ipanema