After maintaining these cell-like structures at 37° C for several months, some of them began to break down into small, round, pulsating vesicles, viz. bions. These vesicles had wide fields and were continuously fusing and separating with adjacent bions. The strong attraction of those bions for each other was also obvious from the fact that they tended generally to stick together in heaps, each heap corresponding to a former ‘cell.’”

 — From Ola Raknes, PhD, Wilhelm Reich and Orgonomy, 1971

Featuring mutilations* of:

Georgia Wettlin-Larsen / Whirling Wind Woman (Assiniboine-Dakota Nations, 1983)

The Bulgarian Voices “Angelite,” Sergey Starostin & Mikhail Alperin (Bulgaria, 1996)

Ellen Fullman (USA 1993)

Spririt of the Uluru, Music of the Australian Aborigine, (Australia/Netherlands, 1999)

Hermeto Pascoal (Brazil, 1973)

Lutz Glandien (German Democratic Republic, 1990)

Tahitian Voices, recorded by Francis Maziere (Tahiti, 1968)



* No media was harmed in the production of this radio show