disco music hits a time wall in the mid 80ies, let’s go back now and recycle, gathering and examining information about the forgotten future of electronic dance music. Read More

Lisa and Lyon are back with more raw cuts! Azul I Black Rose (Part I) I Rawse Records Phyllis Dillon I Woman of the Ghetto I Treasure Isle Carl Meeks I Tuff Scout I Photographer Anthony Red Rose & King Kong I Two big ...Read More

präsentiert von der lebenden Repetiermaschine Rex Joswig mit Poesie von David Lerner & Musik vo Walter Wendy Carlos - Summer God Machine - In bad dreams Bob Dylan - Man in the long black coat Panasonic - Urania Martin Rev - Mari Canned Heat - On ...Read More

Mo Loschelder mit Studiogast Danielle de Picciotto über ein Leben als Musikerin auf Reisen, über Inspirationen und vor allem über das von Gudrun Gut ins Leben gerufene Projekt MONIKA WERKSTATT. www.hausderkunst.de/agenda/detail/monika-werkstatt/ Tracklist: 1. Natalie Beridze TBA "Forever has no Shadow" 2. Danielle de ...Read More

An intersectional mash up that hears Lizzie Borden's cult classic film 'Born in Flames' through a contemporary global ear. Is there a connection between Communists in Alabama during the great depression, jazz great Thelonious Monk, and Apartheid in Palestine? This ...Read More