RADIO 0-3-0 By Emeka Ogboh for RADIO 0-3-0 combines a vast array of recorded audio materials such as news reports, interviews and music into a radio program, which examines the refugees’ situation in Berlin. He thus inquires how the city as ...Read More

ENDZEIT FREQUENZ #28 Henry Mancini Film Musik In der ENDZEIT FREQUENZ Folge #28 läßt Toby Dope die wunderbare Film Musik des Komponisten Henry Mancini sprechen, der z.B. für die großartigen Filme, wie Im Zeichen des Bösen (Touch of Evil, 1958), Hatari ...Read More

with DJ SEEKS SAME “‘Oh, I worked near Radar Peak. The trees there were so dense. I sank into the rotting leaves al the way up to my knees. I’m afraid I’ll get sick from the miasma.’ ‘Radar Peak?’ Ye was ...Read More

DETECTION SOKOŁOWSKO re-presents one single surviving excerpt from a recording produced within a 12 hour duration detection experiment taking place at Brehmer's former Sanatorium in Sokolowsko, Poland.This apparatus made use of a simple, DIY laser interferometer to amplify (and record ...Read More

Jana Sotzko – Songs schreiben, um auch zu improvisieren Als Sängerin, Gitarristin, Bassistin, Schlagzeugerin oder an Tasteninstrumenten arbeitet Jana Sotzko an Projekten oder Bands wie ‚Pete the Pirate Squit’, ‚Ex Best Friends’, ‚The Dropout Patrol’ oder ‚Soft Grid’ mit. Vom Screamo-Hardcore ...Read More

We! R has been at the Refugee Conference in Hamburg. Today we are here to present some of the interviews we did with the activists at the IRC. Music from Cramel Zoum, Bahati, Lucia Vargas, Irie Revolte, Rebel Diaz Read More