“‘Oh, I worked near Radar Peak. The trees there were so dense. I sank into the rotting leaves al the way up to my knees. I’m afraid I’ll get sick from the miasma.’
‘Radar Peak?’ Ye was shocked.
‘Yes. The regiment had an emergency assignment: clear out a warning zone all around the peak by cutting down the trees.’
Radar Peak was a mysterious place. The steep, once-nameless peak got its moniker from the large parabolic antenna dish at the top. In reality, everyone with a little common sense knew it wasn’t a radar antenna: Even though its orientation changed every day, the antenna never moved in a continuous manner. As the wind blew past it, the dish emitted a howl that could be heard from far away.”

- Cixin Liu, The Three-Body Problem (2006)

Featuring mutilations* of:

Recordings by Francis Maziere in Tahiti (1968)
Jon Hassell (1983)
Beatriz Marquez - “Explicame porque” (1975)
Walter Zimmerman - “Die Blinden” (1949)
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*No media was harmed in the making of this radio show