oumshatt_lp2016PLAYLIST B.K.A.#49
Samstag 30.04.2016 20h-21h mit DJ Anna

B K A - Bands Klatsch Ausgehtipps

The Anna Thema (by Maria Christine Brehmer)

Josephine Foster - Der König in Thule (LIVE: 11.05.2016 ausland) (Album: No more lamps in the morning. fire records. VÖ: 2/16)
Hugo Ball - Karawane (performed by Marie Osmond)
Faun Fables - Catch Me (21.5. silent green)
OUM SHATT - Bangladesh (14.5. Antje Oklesund) (Album: Oum Shatt. VÖ: 27.5. Snowhite)
Faun Fables - Ta Nasza Młodość (21.5. silent green)

Vague - Sweet Stranger (6.5. Marie Antoinette) (Album „In the Meantime“ VÖ 22.4. Siluh Records)
I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream- Void (6.5. Marie Antoinette)
Hildegard von Binge Drinking - Sigma Bands (9.5. ACUD)
Clara Hill - Lonely Glow (25.6. Kantine Berghaein) (Single VÖ: 22.4. from Album „Pendulous Moon“ VÖ: 20.5.)
Soft Grid - Hospital Floor (9.5. ACUD)

Skating Polly - Placer (ugly pop ep)
Burning Hell - The Road (8. + 9.6. Schokoladen) (BB Island)

Grün Grün Grün” (by Maria Christine Brehmer)

Mehr Ausgehtipps:

Trümmer “interzone”- record release show (3.5. Antje Øklesund)
Der Elegante Rest + Michael Knight (13.5. Antje Øklesund)
The Space Lady + Tendre Biche (25.5. Marie-Antoinette)
Masha Qrella (27.5. Roter Salon )
Mokkers - Bye Bye (27.5. Antje Øklesund)
Susie Asado + Martha Rose (6.6. Roter Salon)
Down by the River Festival VIII (6.8. ://about blank)