mixed live by Mike Hentz
compiled by Mike Hentz with Iwanka Skrivanek

featuring Iwanka Skrivanek reading from THE BOOK OF QUESTIONS by Mike Hentz
(Russian translation by Sergei Kleyn)

engineered and edited by Sergei Kleyn

1. Respighi “Fountains of Rome” LP
2. THEY FOUND MY BODY BY THE RIVER EP, A side - Ted Serios Music N3
3. The year 1961 in history - Landing on the Moon LP
4. Hörspielgeräusche 2, A side (Litera LP)
5. Burning Hell “Last Will and Testament”
6. Music in the world of Islam, vol. 2, LUTES : Side A. Trk 3, Abubakr Zerga
7. South Chinese music - mouth harps and percussion, voice
8. The Massed Pipes and Drums of Scottish Regiments “Pipers Farewell Salute to the Scottish Infantry”, Side B trk 7
9. Deishovida: “Acid Formique” and “Not 4 U” from the eponymous CD, 1997
10. Music in the world of Islam, vol. 4: FLUTES AND TRUMPETS
11. My Education “A drink for all my friends” CD, trk 5: Roboter-Höhlenbewohner
12. The Stooges: Little Doll, from “The Stooges” 1969
13. Heuschrecken Deutschland
14. Audio Fidelity Stereo Demonstration LP, Side B trk 3 by Louis Armstrong & Orchestra
15. Music in the world of Islam, vol. 4 FLUTES AND TRUMPETS
16. AFRICAFUNK CD: original sound of 70s funky Africa - Manu Dibango “African Battle”
17. as 15, Side A trk 1
18. 3 Reyes de la Terapia - Ondatropica
19. Sun Ra “Everything is space”
20. as 17, cont.