The earthworm travels on radio frequencies, earthy hacks and conglomerates of audio matter. S/he passes through mosquito clouds (yes, this earthworm can fly!), bird songs, thunderstorms, attends a Finnish summer theatre show, listens to a boy and his mother singing, visits the acoustic remnants of a German garden show, finds happiness in the ringing of porcelain bells and, finally, merges into silence and is gone.

Voices by:
Teuri Haarla, on occasion of his exhibition at Galerie Hilbertraum, January 16, 2016, Berlin, Germany – Unknown but stunningly convincing actors of a “kesäteatteri” in Mid Finland, 2010 – Gibrain and Virpi Nurmi in their garden in Gießen, Germany, 2014.
Teuri Haarla is a Finnish self-taught artist who works with drawings, performance and architecture. For his performances he goes into a state he calls “bio drunk”. He also built the “Plantheon” tower, 17 metres high and based on the geometry of nature.
During the opening we had a talk in which he explained some of this work and philosophy. Find out more at

Field recordings by raw audio/Gabi Schaffner with snippets and remixes taken from:
momoscas1 by galeko, – vartioh__loud-transmissions, – spectrm__radio-interference, – noisecollector__magnetorcradio, – singing saw “fake birds” by Mimosa Pale, Berlin, Germany, 2011 – guitar in “Birdcage” and flute improvisation by FX Schroeder, Hamburg, Germany 2011 – kompost20140711_2047.0.25s, programmed by Pit Schultz, 2014.

RR = RADIA RAW = This piece is a special pre-edit for radia by raw audio.