Taksicinin hikayesi asla tanışmamış olması gerekenlerin ya da tanıştıkları halde sonsuza kadar karşılaşmamış olarak kalacakların karşılaşmalarının öyküsüdür. Die Geschichte von Taxifahrern und Fahrgästen ist die Geschichte derjenigen, die sich nie hätten kennenlernen sollen, oder derjenigen, die sich ewig fremd bleiben, als ...Read More

SissiFM#78: The very first live broadcast of SissiFM! Die allererste Livesendung von SissiFM! SissiFM airs live broadcasts of the festival CC N°1 2012: concerts, workshops, and installations interweaving conversations and interviews with the participating artists, organizers, and audiences to a finely ...Read More

NaEE RoBErts is one of Norwegian visual artist Sandra Mujinga's audiovisual projects. Mujinga has performed as NaEE RoBErts in both music and art contexts internationally. The materials presented are from "Summer Care", which is NaEE RoBErts first casette release. Photo ...Read More

Let the waters above the heavens fall, and the earth will yield its fruit. This emission presents two excerpts from a recent event at the Pharmacy Museum in Basel as part of the Shift Register project. The event investigated how human ...Read More

Divas Night ,,is all about the artist new scene coming to the city ,,like artist immigrants and refugees. With different kind of art each time. And how art is related to politics. The evening will be about the political art, And music played my ...Read More

a radio show dedicated to Dreams plus a talk on Shamanic Dreamwork with Roland Urban, Director of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies Europe www.shamanicstudies.net www.facebook.com/coreschamanismusinberlin Read More

wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio (We!R) is an independent radioformat by Friends and Enemies. It was formed throughout the German Reweirlogo3fugee Resistance. We aim to link regional social fights in an anticapitalist platform focusing on the selforganized fight of migrants worldwide, especially ...Read More

Barbara Mürdter ist freie Journalistin und Dozentin mit Schwerpunkt Kultur, Soziales und Politik. Seit 2008 betreibt sie die Seite Popkontext.de. Read More

Jacinta Nandi comes from Ilford, Essex and has lived in Berlin since 2000. She is a member of the legendary Surfpoeten as well as writing for different magazines and newspapers in Berlin - taz, Jungle World, Konkret and Missy. She ...Read More

For the first show of 2017, Female Frequencies presents more amazing work by female electronic musicians, including one of Kaltès’ debut productions, upcoming Miko and kritzkom tracks, and music by Cherushii, Melania . and Nadia Botello. Also announcing the Unheard ...Read More