is one of divers radio projects by HOERMASCHINE, RADIOEREVAN and mlphilippsen; it popped up some years ago in the radio/television tower above Geneva and within the serie of HOERMASCHINE in 2014. Back after some years it is going right now to accompany transmediale’s 30years topic of elusiveness and contingency with some five hours broadcast March 5th, 2017, 2000 till 0100 on REBOOT.FM (via WWW and also antenna in Berlin 88.4 FM / Potsdam 90.7 FM).
Stepped tones (bagpipes), random-keyed code, pulses, music (often distorted), erratically warbling tones, highly distorted speech, random noise (hiss) and recorded sounds will be deliver the soundscape; the Cold War but as well the current politics and policies will give the audiophonic background for the of JAMMING RADIO 2017.