lisaLisa & Lyon´s mix éclectique. Thanks for the unique music and sound and the opportunity to share it.
*Picture from the graphic novel Stiche.

Zenker Brothers I Earthquake I Immersion I Illian Tape

Jlin Dark I Dark Lotus I The escape of the blvck rxbbit (feat. Avril Stormy Unger) I Planet Mu

Holly Herndon I Control Sample I Interpretations on F.C. Judd I Public Information

Jonsson/Alter I Move D I En Livfull Skildring (Move D Curved Version) I Kontra-Musik

The Black Madonna I He is the voice I hear I We still believe

Jessie Lanza I Begins I Oh no I Hyperdub

Theo Parrish I A Ghetto Proposal (feat. Kitten Kuroi & John Douglas) I Gentrified Love Pt.1 I Sound Signature

T++ I Audio 1995#8 I Audio 1995#8 I Apple Pips

Mark Ernestus vs Obadikah I April Parts I April I Honest Jon`s Records

Bruce I Sweat I Hemlock Recordings

Blackdown I Keysound Sessions Anthem (8Bar Mix) I Rollage vol. 2 I Keysound Recordings

Sciahri I Enemy Sound I Chronicle I Ilian Tape

SØS Gunver Ryberg, Aisha Devi, Rrose, Paula Temple I DR2-4 I Decon Recon#2 I Noise Manifesto

Seelow I Wave#16 I Made in Europe I The Final Experiment

Dead Man´s Chest I Open Your Eyes I Triology Pt.2 I Ingredients Records

Actress I Time I Ghettoville I Werk Discs

Mica Levi & Oliver Coates I Pre-Barok I Remain Calm I Slip

Karla Lewis I Try I Too I Editions Mego

DJ Lady Lane I What does your dream tell you I Suomi ‘11 [instrumental]

Mantana Roberts I Coin Coin I Play Memory I Roulette´s Easy Not easy Festival

Zenker Brothers I TSV WB I Immersion I Illian Tape