rex3präsentiert von der lebenden Repetiermaschine Rex Joswig /
From my secret laboratory - chapter 2 /

The music:

Patchblock 1 - Rex Joswig
Ada - Stefano Pilia
Horrific - Giorgio Moroser
Dub Realistic (Dub) - Dubblestandart
The Violent Sequence - Worriedaboutsatan
Willow Sketch - Molnbär av John
Patchblock 2 - Rex Joswig
Stereotype (Mark Stewart Dub) - Mark Stewart
The Mystery Beyond Matter - Quiet Music Ensemble
Patchblock 3 - Rex Joswig
Hafen Karlsruhe - Rhein_Strom
King Subliminal - Unwashed
Tubby Rom Module - Disrupt
Vortex (Wire Tapper Edit) - Mark Harris & John 3:16
Patchblock 4 - Rex Joswig
Safe From Harm (Dub) - Dubblestandart

Thanks to WIRE (Wire Tapper 42) & ECHO BEACH (Dubblestandart)
Patchblock is an electronic toy owned by !THE SAME

Poetry taken from
Gedichte edition suhrkamp 2016

What we lose

When I was young
I could speak to animals,
these days
I don’t know what to say.

They used to sniff my ears,
but now
they smell my fear
and walk away.


Image by Peter Kennard

Stay tuned!