In his electrifying one man show, Moody sings and raps on top of produced beats, live looping guitar and vocal effects. Moody was born in Haifa. Facing personal and social challenges, from a very young age Moody’s passion for writing brought him to music, which became his tool for self-expression. When Moody reached the age of 15, he released his first EP album named “Mazaji”. Today, he focuses on creating hiphop music, uncovering new TripHop fusions of Jazz and world music rhythms. In his effort to add contribution new dimensions to Arabic hip hop music, and as one of his projects, Moody founded an experimental musical ensemble called “Moody and the Kablawiz”, which pushed the boundaries of hip hop, funk, and punk. Currently Moody is producing his own music and has released his first single, “Makshoof” (Clearly), taken from the Album “Shashi” (Screen), Moody’s latest fruit of creation. In addition, next to his participation in the Palestinian Music Expo 2017, he is getting ready to tour in Europe and London as a one man show for the first time, as he toured Europe and the USA before with different ensembles. The tour is starting from “Bad Bonn Kilbi” Festival in Switzerland, and ending in London.

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